The first App for preparation of doughs with biga.

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The best app for professional bakers and beginners

MasterBiga is a tool useful for who wants a support for the preparation of doughs with biga. The MasterBiga app let you know the time and methods for the preparation of a perfect biga dough to be used for pizza, bread or any leavened.


No more paper work. MasterBiga will calculate for you times and doses to knead a perfect dough made with biga.


MasterBiga comes with a simple but complete interface. Follow step by step the app workflow to get a perfect dough.


A worldwide community of experts for sharing your own experience and getting usefuls tips.

How it works?


Download and install the MasterBiga. If you don't know how to knea a biga, look at our guide section and read the instructions to understand step by step how to prepare a biga dough.

Choose the tool

In the tools section, choose whether to calculate a biga in manual mode or with the hydration calculator.

Calculate the biga

Enter room temperature, hydration and when you want to knead the biga. Tap the "calculate" button and get the expected fermentation time. If you use the hydration calculator, you also get the optimal hydration and maturation time from the algorithm, based on your room temperature.


Go to full recipe and, inserting the desired percentages of the ingredients, you can get the complete dosage for the biga dough and for the final dough.

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Made by bakery's professionals.

The idea comes from the combination of the experience of a technician, a pizza maker and a researcher with the aim of making the baking world smarter. Our mission is to provide simple tools to help professionals and beginners of bakery during the preparation of dough, especially with the use of preferments such as biga. To do this we have created our first app, the MasterBiga, and a community to discuss, exchange knowledge and grow.

Our Team


A container where bakery's professionals and beginners can confront each other to improve the preparation of doughs of all types and learn the best way of using the MasterBiga app.

News & Tutorials

A space always updated with articles, recipes, tutorials and tips for preparing leavened products. With the videorecipes by Paolo Spadaro and Vincenzo Angelucci the biga will have no more secrets!


What users say about us

Pierluigi Gigi Sapiente

"I think it is a very useful application both in production for professionals, at home for amateurs, or even for the professional who is not used to working at home, in addition to having a simple and intuitive interface, in a few and simple steps can direct you to the best way to manage your biga at its best, until now I had never seen anything like it. Congratulations!"

Valentina Marella

"This app is just so useful! I use Biga a lit for pizzas and different bread. Love it!!!!"

Gianluca MarĂ²

"Really useful, professional app without wasting time. Out of products come out incredible if you follow everything in detail. 100% recommended."

Nicolas Stickar

"Extraordinary application. An algorithm that helps me controlling the maturation times of the biga ...spectacular. Fast forward!!!"

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MasterBiga is freely available for iOS and Android devices. What are you waiting for?